A relationship never goes (completely) by itself, except in the first year of the pink cloud…
My name is Sabine. I work as a coach, I guide couples to (more) connection, with themselves and each other.
My mission is to contribute to making proposing very normal to invest time and attention in each other on a conscious level. Just as fortunately it is becoming more and more common to do your own individual Inner work. Do that together too. Out of curiosity and desire. Regardless of any stigma or judgment.
This can mean maintenance (APK) for your relationship, finding (more) depth, reconnecting with each other, or letting your relationship develop to a ‘next level’, from a 6 or 7 to an 8 or 9.
I am the mother of Sterre, Lieve and Pepijn, my greatest guides. I have been with my love Andrew for almost 10 years.
In 2018 we departed from the Netherlands, on a journey through Europe. Ibiza has become our home, we came here intuitively. We live in a 120 year old finca surrounded by nature, overlooking the sea.
Who are you and what inspires you in life?