Be alone for a weekend.

Even if it feels a bit selfish or uncomfortable at the beginning, time for yourself can be very nice. That’s why I chose to go away alone for a weekend. Without children, without a husband, but also without friends. “Time for myself and do what I want. No consideration for others.” Pretty weird, inappropriate, and “not-really-desirable” when I said this out loud for the first time…
I’ve learned that love always starts with yourself. And that is why it is important to take good care of yourself.
I call it self love.
Selfishness is doing what you want without regard for others. Self-love does not exclude but connects. It is taking care of yourself as you would take care of a loved one: open, sincere, with attention, strict if necessary and above all loving. Is it time for me to do this for myself? .
Do you like it? Bedrock tells you what else being ‘alone’ does for you! allen-zijn/
Just choose for yourself. Why not?

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