Breathe in , Breathe out

For most people this is very natural. Logical, because it happens unconsciously, without thinking about it.
During the busy day, in our routine, busy busy we forget to REALLY breathe. Consciously and attentively. By forgetting this we miss a great opportunity. The chance to (literally) create more space with your breathing. In addition, your breathing can tell you a lot, how do you feel, how does your body feel, how are you really doing?
Focusing on the breath brings you into the here and now. The more you practice, even when you don’t think you need it, the more proficient you become.
A breathing exercise that I do a lot with clients when starting a session is focused on breathing. He goes something like this;
Take a moment for yourself, as you sit here now
Close your eyes
Check for yourself how your breathing is?
Is it a little higher in your chest, or maybe a little lower in your stomach?
Is he fast and shallow?
Or something quieter and deeper?
You don’t have to change anything
Then you can say hello to your body
Your body that is there for you every day, that you can rely on
Is there a specific place in your body that needs attention?
Again you don’t have to change anything
Take some more time to sit like this with your eyes closed
At the moment you can open your eyes and feel what this simple exercise has done for you
Almost always people say after this exercise, I feel calmer, more connected to my body and myself, calmer, more relaxed.
Practice makes perfect, probably your head will be the first to attempt to run off with you by creating thoughts. Or do you find it difficult to let go? You may even feel irritation, this is not for me that floating stuff … Also good, your breathing is there for you, day-in-day-out, and when you are that far you are also there for your breathing.
Finally; ‘You can see breathing as a metaphor for how we stand in life…
Breathing is about making space, about freedom, about taking life literally.
Exhalation is about relaxing and letting go of control.
“You breathe as you live and you live as you breathe. The more freely you breathe, the more freely you live.”