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Love fascinates me. Every day. To live and to work with… đź’–

I like nature, good food, dancing and yoga. It goes without saying that I am also involved in my own development, just like you do. For that reason I do education, training, and I do my (daily) Inner work. Together with Andrew (my partner) I also see a relationship therapist, because the more I do […]

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This is my way ✨

My way of working can best be described as profound, holistic and provides peace of mind and (self) confidence. Looking at your own piece (from your family) what do you bring into your relationship? What’s yours, what’s the other’s? Discover your relationship patterns, but also your desires. From objectivity I watch and listen with you. […]


Intuition It was time for deepening, investing in myself as my friends say so beautifully   Over a year ago, an acquaintance asked me and my friend Andrew to have a reading as a couple as part of her education at the School of Intuition. I was currently pregnant with my 3rd. The reading was […]

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Human Compass

Human Compass Often the body already knows the answer to ‘difficult questions’, but we are distracted by our head. Just feel. What does your body want to tell you? Do you have pain in your neck and shoulders? Or a restless feeling in your stomach? Suppose you take the time to really feel and listen […]

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Good Old Times

Good Old Times? Or not? As a human being you grow up from birth in interaction with your environment. You enter into a relationship with your environment and with yourself. How has this shaped you? An exercise to get an idea about this: Look up a photo from the past, of your family of origin, […]