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Breathe in Breathe out

Breathe in , Breathe out For most people this is very natural. Logical, because it happens unconsciously, without thinking about it. During the busy day, in our routine, busy busy we forget to REALLY breathe. Consciously and attentively. By forgetting this we miss a great opportunity. The chance to (literally) create more space with your […]

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Declutter. Minimalize. That’s cool. The internet is full of tips on which things you can get rid of right away (yes really, right now!) without missing them. About how to find out which things have so much value to you personally that you absolutely have to keep them. And the best way to say goodbye […]

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Meaning of dreams

What does my dream mean? Do they mean anything at all? I’ve always been interested in this, it fascinates me. Did you know that dreams are a mixture of images, thoughts and feelings during your sleep? You dream about four to six dreams a night, but forget 90% of the dream within the first minute […]

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Here and now

Enjoying Here and Now Striving for success has its advantages; it seems that people who focus on what they have to gain are better at coming up with creative solutions to everyday problems than people who want to avoid negative outcomes. Strebers are often more willing to take risks in solving a problem, where others […]

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The Goddess Project

The Goddess Project Is a heartwarming and moving film, made by two women who had a deep desire to let the female voice be heard. They drove across the United States in an old school bus and spoke to more than 100 women from every conceivable lifestyle. Their mission is clear: to let women share […]


Prejudices “What a jerk that boss! The sales people really don’t understand! Am I the only one doing something here?!’ This video will make you think again about the first thing that comes to mind… At least if you watch to the end…     The film called The Present by Jacob Frey has been shown […]

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Fascinating of being Human

Recognizable? Or not? Perhaps confronting, because everyone has moments… You go beyond your own limits. You acted too quickly, out of enthusiasm or perhaps ignorance. It may not always feel that way, but you have a choice. How you organize your life, and what you do and don’t allow to play an important role in […]

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