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Mendy & Bart

I have been able to guide so many beautiful couples to a deeper connection with themselves and with each other. Even or precisely, in a loving relationship there is room for growth. This was exactly what Mendy & Bart experienced… ‘From tears, to a smile, from valuable silences to blissful insights, vulnerability, strength, warmth… The […]

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Relationship MOT

You go to the dentist every year for healthy teeth… You bring your car to the MOT every year… You take care of the things that matter to you… Do you also take care of love in this way, and your being together? Consciously maintaining your relationship. Time and attention for perhaps the most valuable […]

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A relationship never goes smoothly

A relationship never goes (completely) by itself, except in the first year of the pink cloud… My name is Sabine. I work as a coach, I guide couples to (more) connection, with themselves and each other. My mission is to contribute to making proposing very normal to invest time and attention in each other on […]

Breathe in Breathe out

Breathe in , Breathe out For most people this is very natural. Logical, because it happens unconsciously, without thinking about it. During the busy day, in our routine, busy busy we forget to REALLY breathe. Consciously and attentively. By forgetting this we miss a great opportunity. The chance to (literally) create more space with your […]