Couples Retreat Ibiza

Growing together to the next level of your relationship. More connection, time and space for each other. 

You have a great relationship, there is trust, it feels good. It is precisely from this positivity that it is a wonderful foundation for further growth together. give your relationship (even) more depth.

Travel to magical Ibiza and let me be your spaceholder for a long weekend. 

Couples Retreat (3 days program)

3 nights stay
2 relationship coaching sessions together
1 individual coaching session
Excursion / Workshop
And more…

Exclusive flight, car rental,  food & drinks and other. 

Price on request

“Reconnect with yourself and each other. Time and space, pure self-care. From rest and reflection you make new plans together, you feel what your course is going to be”

Couples Retreat | The next level in your relationship

You provide your own ticket, a nice place to stay and rent a car. The sessions take place in our old finca in the north of the island.
The starting point is as follows; we see each other during the period that you are here, 2 times together as a couple, and both once individually.
In between there is time for reflection, quality time and enjoying the island. Just the holiday, or the weekend away as you want to fill it yourself. We do the sessions at my practice, at home or outside in nature, which feels good

Experiences Couples Retreat on Ibiza

“From tears, to a smile, from precious silences to great movements, vulnerability, strength, warmth.
The sessions with Sabine stirred things up a lot.
Both individual, relationship and business wise, the balance and connection are rediscovered.”
Mendy & Bart 


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