Insights about yourself during Covid

This sentence may now sound like a cliché, because I am not the first to write about this.
For many people, the lockdown meant standing still, with a big S. A gear back, or maybe many more gears back. No more go, go, go. Distracting yourself, or even unconsciously numbing yourself for that which is not right, is not going well or does not feel right. No more running through life, no longer able to escape your feelings and thoughts by being busy all day long. No, really stand still. Home. For some (completely) alone, for others with roommates or the family.
What did standing still bring about, peace or unrest?
Forced to hold up a real mirror for the first time and look at who you are, what you do in life and especially why? No more chances to hide behind your busy schedule or your social obligations. What do you see when you look in that mirror? Or rather, who do you see and what do you think of your reflection?
For me personally it was the same, an intense time but also valuable … There were days when it was enormous survival, with 3 children at home, my boyfriend and I with both our own companies that also needed and asked for love and attention. a period of a lot of quality time, almost literally seeing the children grow and being very close to each other during the challenging and exciting weeks.
It was a time of learning new things. About myself, about the world, what we thought we knew and what we actually didn’t know at all. The world seems to be getting a bit ‘normal’ again, which comes with pros and cons.
Becoming yourself I feel and trust that this time or especially the experience of it is stored in my system, and that it is a new source of gratitude and wisdom for the future…