Good Old Times? Or not?

As a human being you grow up from birth in interaction with your environment. You enter into a relationship with your environment and with yourself. How has this shaped you?
An exercise to get an idea about this:
Look up a photo from the past, of your family of origin, where you are in it with everyone.
  1. Place the photo in front of you and take a stack of post-its, preferably in 2 colors. Let the feeling what you get the effect on the photo. What do you think about, what touches you, in a positive and negative sense?
  2. Write on one stack of post-its (per post-it 1 concept) the values ​​and norms that you take / want to take from then into your current life.
  3. On the other pile, write the values ​​and norms that you do not take with you, where you have said goodbye or want to say goodbye.
  4. Keep the photo and post-its in your home and look at them every now and then. what are you doing do to shape your life with your own values ​​and norms mix?

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