Enjoying Here and Now

Striving for success has its advantages; it seems that people who focus on what they have to gain are better at coming up with creative solutions to everyday problems than people who want to avoid negative outcomes. Strebers are often more willing to take risks in solving a problem, where others are more cautious, because they don’t want to risk failing. But of course there is also a downside to the pursuit of success. Many clients come to me with questions about this theme.
Because if you constantly strive for success, are you satisfied – now – with what you have and what you do? Does striving for success take you out of the now?
First of all, it is important to think about what success is. According to the Van Dale, success is ‘a good outcome, outcome or outcome’. Okay. Sounds logical, right? And who doesn’t like a happy ending? Well, that is actually still very broad. And also very personal. Because what is success for you may not be success for someone else. Many people spend their entire lives pursuing a lot of money, a good job and status. But is that really success? If these people are happy and happy with it, of course. Then that can certainly be a form of success. Which makes me wonder if this is a long-term success formula.
How do you see the pursuit of success? You may sometimes feel like you are locked into a life where striving for success is the norm. While you actually want to be satisfied with what you have and do, right now, right now. Then the pursuit of success can get twisted and an imbalance arises. And that’s why I think being happy with what you have and do is very important. The past has been and thinking about the future can be very wise, but often the ‘now’ is forgotten. In the field of emotions, or for example in relationships. But also forget by striving, striving for success in any form.
Imagine teaching yourself to enjoy what you do, instead of always striving for the next moment of success. What would this look like for you? Chances are it will give you peace of mind.

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