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Often the body already knows the answer to ‘difficult questions’, but we are distracted by our head. Just feel. What does your body want to tell you? Do you have pain in your neck and shoulders? Or a restless feeling in your stomach? Suppose you take the time to really feel and listen with it. Perhaps this will help you with challenges ‘What do I want – does this feel good?’. Does what I do match what I want?
Chances are that you first started thinking about what you feel, about how you feel. People have become accustomed to naming their feelings or physical signals from their thinking. Switching off thinking is difficult. Difficult, because it can get in the way of good contact with your body. And you know? Your body doesn’t lie. Your body is always looking for balance for us, for balance. But sometimes you forget to listen to your body. Or maybe you really don’t know how to do that anymore, listen to your body. What does it say?
For years I followed the beaten path. I went for a successful fast career, but I had a vague feeling. Maybe you recognize that. That indefinable feeling. Or do you wake up every day tired or with a heavy feeling. You may have problems with your stomach, stomach or intestines. Or do you feel tension in your neck and shoulder, or in your lower back. Do you recognize these complaints? Maybe not all but a few? Perhaps you have strayed from your path, from your deepest desire. From your intuition.
Intuition is inner knowing, the total capacity of man in addition to the rational. Everyone has intuition, but not everyone is aware of it. Intuition can help you make choices in work, health and a happy life. That’s why it’s important to understand your body’s signals and to actually feel them. This way you can use the wisdom of your body to give direction to your life. Unfortunately, it works the same the other way around; by not picking up on your body’s signals or by thinking all the time, you get further removed from your intuition. You can find the way back by starting to feel.
You could do this as a child, because children are very good at following their intuition. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way to adulthood, many people lose this ability. Perhaps you can follow the example of your own child?
You can rely more on your body and intuition. From there you can make more conscious choices. Your body as a compass, as a direction.

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