Coaching for you, about you. Life coaching.

Consciousness ensures growth, and at the same time rest. During Life Coaching we take time to answer questions like “What do you want, what don’t you want?” Feeling (more) connection with yourself is always close by, although it sometimes feels far away.
Our head has evolved further and further, whereby our body has become subordinate. The irony is that your body has all the wisdom, and your head may follow more. Your body is a beautiful compass. You will feel more powerful and you will follow your own path.

Live more meaningful, conscious and taking responsibility for your own life and happiness. What stops you from doing exactly that what you want, that one thing there you are here for?

Becoming yourself is perhaps the most beautiful challenge you can take on and that you can give yourself as a gift in your life.

Be True to Yourself. Trust your intuition. 

No matter how good your self-knowledge is, you will surprise yourself at some stages of life. You can influence the choices you make, but not always the outcome.
What is your biggest desire? What can you do to get there? 
Are you running into something? Are you curious and do you want to explore the restless feeling you have? Not sure what you want (anymore)?
Subjects can be work-life balance, who am I, what do I want? More peacefulness, growth of self confidence, meaningfulness, feeling more rest. In short; get answers to your life questions and follow your heart. Life coaching 

As a Life Coach, I would love to guide you in this path.

Most of the time after the intake session I will create a Life Coaching proposal which suits you and your objectives. To give you an idea, we will see each other in between 5-8 times with a frequency of 2-3 weeks in between.

If there is a vey specific objective, or I’ve worked with you before I see people for single sessions as well. 

We will work with a wide range of different profound exercises, experiential, to make sure you can feel, instead of just incorporate the consciousness in the body and work on all levels from an holistic approach.

From your first question we research and go deeper. After that you will feel the essence of your question or challenge and get a clear view and understanding. Mostly follow by more mildness and selflove. What steps do you need to take? What is your direction. It is your process and you and your objectives are most important. 

Life Coaching Experiences

”Because I made a step in my career with my employer, I came into contact with Life Coach Sabine. She got to know me better in a short time. And this in a very pleasant and sometimes confrontational way. She does this by asking the right questions at the right times and offering exercises. Thanks to Sabine’s coaching, my self-confidence has grown, my head and my feelings are more connected to each other, I know what I really like and what I’m good at. a sharp, direct, no-nonsense coach that I felt comfortable with from the start.”
Sabine is a highly skilled and qualified coaching professional. She combines empathy with a confrontational style when needed, and displays an intrinsic drive to meet the agreed coaching objective. Calm, yet highly committed to you she delivers great work. A certified top coach who stands out from the average level!”
“Sabine has developed as a very knowledgeable coach; sharp, original and direct. She works with an open heart and a clear head. It was a pleasure to enjoy her contribution to the coaching training of Weisfelt and Partners. I highly recommend her as a coach.”
Anneke Dekker
”I look back on the life coaching process with Sabine with a very nice, warm and grateful feeling. She has guided me very well over the past six months in my search for more peace in what I do. Because Sabine held up the mirror to me, I learned a lot about myself and I received guidelines to feel better about myself and to listen more to my feelings. Her listening ear, her genuine interest and her challenging but also soothing assignments and exercises (even though they were remotely via Skype) have enriched me. This investment in my future was well worth it!”


It can be dificult, a challenge, feeling insecure or doubting the fact wheter contacting me yes or no.

Please know, by sending a message you are doing the work already...

So please feel free, send me a what´s app, informal and personal and we´ll talk from there. 

 Every moment of the day that suits you.

Love Sabine