Love has multiple languages, forms and customs.
Are you aware of which language you speak and which is your partner’s language?
Do you understand each other, can you let the other person feel how much he or she means to you? Which language do you speak and which ‘understand’ do you prefer?
In order to really understand each other, to be able to see and feel each other, it is super valuable to understand each other’s language. You don’t have to speak the same language at all, but being able to ‘understand’ each other is very nice.
Gary Chapman is a well-known American couples therapist and founder of the love language principle. He names the 5 love languages ​​as follows;
1. Being together; quality time, consciously with attention
2. Physical contact; touch & intimacy
3. Servitude; do something for the other
4. Giving Gifts
5. Positive words; sweet, meaningful language
From within myself I could add another language that is right for me, and that is extremely important in my own relationship: Openness. This is a language we both speak and therefore flows easily for us. 1 of the most important parts of our foundation. In this we understand each other and we find each other, even if this is sometimes very exciting.
Which language do you speak (or do you speak together) and which one do you prefer to receive?
Lots of love…