What does my dream mean?

Do they mean anything at all? I’ve always been interested in this, it fascinates me.
Did you know that dreams are a mixture of images, thoughts and feelings during your sleep? You dream about four to six dreams a night, but forget 90% of the dream within the first minute of waking up!
No one knows why you are actually dreaming. They must have evolutionary use, after all, dreams have been described for centuries. Would it be some form of processing of the day? So that you can organize your thoughts and wake up refreshed the next morning? Perhaps dreams are a way to learn to recognize or recognize your real motivations through messages from your unconscious mind. To make us feel a certain concept (instead of rationalizing) with the help of special symbolism. Or can you ‘practice’ in your dreams for something in the (near) future, with no consequences for real life? Who knows…
I once heard that most people dream in black and white. I wanted to find out, because I myself have the idea that I dream in color. Unfortunately, it’s hard to research properly, because most dreams are just a faded memory. Because of this, we can’t really tell afterwards whether the dream was in black and white or color. Nevertheless, studies have been done. Older studies indeed reported that people (believed they) dream in black and white. However, the most recent studies and experiences suggest that people also dream in color. For example, most young people dream in color, while older people more often dream in black and white. I also read that people who had experienced a traumatic event dream in black and white. After they got through that tough period, they would start dreaming in color again.
There is no multitasking in dreamland. Another remarkable fact. So in dreams you can only do one thing at a time. That’s why dreams are so strange: for example, you drive a car hard, without knowing why you want to overtake the car in front of you or where you are going. Connecting the different parts of your dream only happens when you are awake again.
During my pregnancies I dreamed a lot more. The most absurd dreams, but often also very realistic dreams. More women seem to experience this, probably because of all the (emotional, physical and hormonal) changes you undergo when you are pregnant. For example, those hormones alone make you have more emotions to process than normal, which dreams could help you with.
What meaning do dreams have now? The one who can do the best dream analysis is you, the dreamer himself.
For example, in my worst nightmare, I lose all my teeth. This dream comes back more often, especially when I’m on the brink of a new adventure. Teeth represent strength, so this could be related to loss of strength and insecurity. Healthy excitement for a new adventure, I think. Sounds logical, right?

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