Declutter. Minimalize. That’s cool.

The internet is full of tips on which things you can get rid of right away (yes really, right now!) without missing them. About how to find out which things have so much value to you personally that you absolutely have to keep them. And the best way to say goodbye to your belongings (don’t forget to thank them).
In recent years I, and we as a family, have mainly been ‘making memories’. Not (or as little as possible) busy with stuff, buying new things, materialism.
This started from something practical, we could only fill the caravan that we pulled behind the car from the Netherlands to a certain weight.
This lifestyle has now become part of us. Walking, sports, playing, being in nature. Of course we also spend money, but mainly on gatherings, outings, food, apple juice and cups of coffee. For us it feels good, it gives space. We grow and learn through the experiences we gain. What is really important to us, and what do we value? We answer these questions almost every day, to ourselves and to each other.
Very practical, what do you give someone who already has everything for his birthday? I think the best gift you can give someone is time, your time. Undivided attention. Time is simply the most precious thing we possess as humans, right?
Above is a photo of my eldest and hubby ‘surfing’. Looking at this is worth more to me than a day of shopping

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I connect with people, and help people get in touch with themselves and their environment by connecting the head and the heart.

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