Almost 4 years ago we left the Netherlands traveling through Europe..
Before we left we had a nice life, a nice house and a good job, but I felt there was more. I longed for living with nature, more awareness and freedom.
Out of the system, living from our own rhythm, more by feeling, under the sun. One gear back.
So we left, with our caravan and 2 daughters. Along the way I got pregnant with our 3rd, and that was the reason to look for some more stability.
Intuitively we chose Ibiza, for both of us this was our first visit to the island.
We came here and never left…
I have followed the beaten path for years. A successful fast career at a multinational, but an indefinable feeling.
I left what I knew so well, because I saw where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do. Meaningful, helping people to become themselves, inspiring and directing them to achieve valuable results.
Guiding and inspiring couples in their love relationship is for me to make the world a bit more beautiful.
During the trajectories I always see 2 people separately from each other. Precisely because you both take so much into your relationship from what you know well, what has shaped you.