Living in Ibiza

My name is Sabine Irma Wensing, I grew up in an entrepreneurial family where I learned to explore and pioneer at an early age. I connect with people, and help people get in touch with themselves and their environment by connecting the head and the heart.The way I work is best described as profound, holistic and brings peace and (self)confidence. Love fascinates me. Every day. To live, and to work with.  

This is my story

I live in Ibiza with my partner Andrew and our 3 children. In a beautiful place, on a mountain surrounded by forest, overlooking the sea.

A few years ago we left the Netherlands traveling through Europe. We had a nice life but longed for living with nature, more awareness and freedom. Out of the system, living from our own rhythm, under the sun.
So there we went, with our caravan and 2 daughters. On our way I became pregnant of our 3th. Therefore we wanted to have some stability, some solid ground under our feet. Intuitively we took the ferry to Ibiza. This was for both of us our first encounter with the island, we arrived and we never left…
Helping people become themselves, give direction and inspire them to achieve valuable results.
For years I have followed the beaten path; a successful fast career in a multinational, but an indefinable feeling. Psychology, people and their (behavioral) development have always fascinated me. I left this path, because I saw where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do. Meaningful work, helping people become themselves, bring inspiration and direction to create valuable results. 
I am proud of my work, my husband Andrew ♥ and mother of 3 beautiful children. I followed my heart AND listened to my mind. Every day I am grateful for the work I do and the choices I have made…
Warm – pure – balanced – purposeful – holistic
I like yoga, good food, the sun, dancing and being close to nature.

This is what I believe

I believe that every person can grow, can develop, until life ends. In addition, people are responsible for their own happiness, for their own life. This means quite a bit, especially when there are setbacks.
You can shape your life yourself, and you are responsible for your own emotions, and especially how you deal with them. The same principle applies in your relationship. Being together, and growing together, but from connection with yourself. When you skip this step you will notice this in the exchange and energy in your relationship. Take good care of yourself, and therefore of others.
I expect openness and motivation from you. You can expect a keen awareness and complete confidentiality from me. Space for you and everything that lives with you.
What do your body and intuition tell you? What are you listening to? To your head or to your heart?
How do you really connect with yourself and the other? I can help you with this.

We work in a future-oriented and meaningful way. This means that we will certainly dwell on relevant events from the past that have had an impact, but we look forward and no longer than necessary in the past. Creating authenticity, peacefulness and autonomy. 

Of course I am developing, the way you are doing. That’s why every year I educate, train and do inner work. For example, together with my partner Andrew we are in therapy as well. The more I do y work, the better I can guide others. 

Privacy and confidentiality are a precondition, for you and you and vice versa for me.
My Mission

Is to let people connect (again) with their feelings and body. And from here enter into a true connection with the other. 

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