Love fascinates

Growth through connection, that is (has been) my own path and that is what I guide you in.

I connect with people and help people connect with themselves and their environment by connecting the head and the heart.
My way of working can best be described as Intuitive, profound, holistic and provides peace and (self) confidence.
Love fascinates me. Every day.
To live and to work with.
Healing House is where the other part of my mission was manifested. Read more below.



Making a real connection

Connection with yourself is essential to connect with others.

You are responsible for your own happiness, your own feelings and emotions, for your own life. This means quite a bit, especially when there are setbacks. You always have a choice.
This same principle applies within your relationship. Being together, and growing together, but from connection with yourself. If you skip this step, you will notice this in the exchange and energy in your relationship. Take good care of yourself, and therefore of others.

Conscious relating involves becoming aware of how the imprints of your past experiences influence your current relationship(s). Challenges are there for inner growth, healing and transformation. 
You wille learn how to break with your ´conditioned way of relating´ and move into a more conscious and embodied couple love story. 

I expect openness and a strong desire from you. You can expect keen awareness and complete confidentiality from me. Space for you and everything there is.
We work in a future-oriented and meaningful way. This means that we will certainly reflect on relevant events from the past that have had an impact, but we will look ahead and not longer than necessary in the past.
Lots of exercises, lots of feeling and experiencing. Working with the deeper layer.

My Values



My little guru´s

My children are perhaps my greatest source of challenge, and therefore growth.

Sterre (2015)
Lieve (2017)
Pepijn (2019)

All three touch something different in me, they invite me to grow, to stand in my strength,
Listen even more to my feelings and give space to them.
To play and live more with flow.
We are complete.



Nature & sun in Ibiza

A few years ago we left the Netherlands traveling through Europe.

Together with my and our 3 children in Ibiza. In a beautiful place, on a mountain surrounded by forest, overlooking the sea.
We live here in the middle of nature. Nature slowed down.
A vegetable garden, more life in community.
The sun gives us energy and makes life slower.
We live more in the rhythm of nature and with the seasons.
There is more time with and for each other. Another gear.
In addition, Ibiza is an island full of beautiful people, inspiration and freedom.
Eating mindfully. Living more consciously.
But Ibiza also means hard work, sometimes loneliness and being extremely dependent on each other. The island invites me to grow almost every day.


My love journey

Steady relationships, and the free life. A book full of stories and experiences.

I was always the type for a long relationship. Real connection and depth. And yet there have been enough ‘regular flings’ in my life. 
This year marks 10 years with Andrew. We had a very rocky start. Both fresh from a previous relationship.
He taught me exactly what I had never experienced in myself until now, unconditional love. And stay. I had never learned to stay when things get tough.
And there are still phases in which we (sometimes unconsciously) invite each other to grow. Really not nice, but exactly what we need.
A solid foundation from which we can continue to grow together.
Practice what you preach, we also seek guidance together where necessary. The better I do my own work, the better I can guide you.

A Glimpse Out

My Life

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Love fascinates me. Every day.
your journey is intimate, personal. That’s why our match is so important 
Breath in, Breath out