This is my way of working

My way of working can best be described as in-depth, holistic and provides peace and (self) confidence.
Looking at your own piece (from your family), what do you bring to your relationship? What is yours, what is the other’s? Discover your relationship patterns, but also your desires.
I watch and listen with you from an objectivity perspective. From love and openness.
In addition to the joint sessions, I always work individually with one person and the other. Separately. To look at the connection you have with yourself, and to connect head and heart.
This ensures that valuable work is done, in essence, the cause. No ‘symptom control’ but long-term growth.
We mainly work with exercises that go to the core, to ensure that you feel and that the body is also part of your growth and your journey.


Sessions & Retreats. Just what suits, intensive short or deeper long-term.

A match is super important, in what you desire with my offer, and where you are in your process with my working method. Below is my complete offer again.

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