‘I’m not here to fix your relationship, I’m here to remind you who you truly are, see your partner as such and be a safe space   in your together growth journey.


Your love relationship as a source of growth…

My mission is to contribute to the creation of conscious love relationships, which are felt as a source of growth.

I work on and with this mission every day by guiding couples in their journey.
In addition to working with love, there is another important part of me, see it as the other half of my mission.
Bringing people back into connection with their body (and its self-healing capacity).
Healing House is emerging in Ibiza, a holistic place where exactly this part of my mission is taking shape.
My story continues


You are really good together…

For brave couples who see their relationship as a source of growth.

In which responsibility is taken for your own story (so that children do not carry it).
I use my personal experiences in combination with my professional background to create more awareness and autonomy among you. To see your partner as your greatest teacher, even though it is not the most comfortable thing you can experience.
Growing through a love relationship happens on many layers, individually, collectively, and also spiritually.
Are you ready for this together?
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What suits you best

You grow in consciousness, feel more connection, perhaps even depth. Concrete exercises and support. I’m here for you.

1:2 Trajectory Coaching

With a relationship coaching program (on Ibiza) you invest in each other, in the love relationship and also in yourself. A catalyst for what you can grow into. On a regular basis, in the form that suits you.

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Private Retreat Ibiza

During a private retreat in Ibiza you will make an enormous deep dive. From peace, space, away from the normal daily context. During half a day or 3 full days you will create more connection, and love will flow (even) more.

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1-day Retreat Netherlands

A whole day for you together. Without distractions, real time and attention for each other. Motorcycle maintenance for your relationship. Gathering in an intimate group, working with your own partner but being inspired by others.

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Make a start together at home.

You can download this exercise and start it together at home. Your desire to take a step together is there, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Go for it, very accessible, from home. An introduction to me and my working method. I am very curious about what the exercise was like for you?

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Love fascinates me. Every day.
your journey is intimate, personal. That’s why our match is so important 
Breath in, Breath out

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a great start to your growth

During the no-obligation introductory meeting, we immediately get to work. Not an inspirational talk, but in depth. I get to know you and you get to know me.