A long weekend Ibiza.  Calmness, time and space create the oppporunity to make a deep dive.  Together. 


‘Falling in love again.’

During the retreat you will see and hear each other. Connection and depth. On all layers.

The retreat is a tailor-made program.
Expect maintenance where necessary, but especially a deep dive.
Insanely beautiful place.
Half a day or 3 full days, whatever suits you. I am a spaceholder and provide exactly what is needed for you.
Will I see you in Ibiza?
We're going for it...
couples retreat ibiza

A relationship retreat, profound and relaxing. Holistic, and also very earthy.

Your Couples Retreat

A program exactly suited to your needs and desires. Custom.

A beautiful location has been arranged for you. The sessions take place in our old finca in the north of the island.
In between there is time for reflection, quality time and enjoying the island. Just spend the holiday or weekend away as you wish.
We do the sessions in my practice, at home or outside in nature, whatever feels good.
couples retreat
private couples retreat

Ibiza Vibes

You will stay in a 300 year old finca…

The location is beautiful, a 300-year old finca in the north-east of Ibiza. the idyllic village of San Carlos around the corner, as well as many beaches, Las Dalias.
The finca breathes peace and has a soul, and it is palpable. The perfect place for you to do exactly what you come to do. Being together.
You will sleep in a super nice room with bathroom. A delicious breakfast awaits you every morning. Clean food, much from our own garden.
Take a dip, read a book, walk through the country.


Deep work and relaxation

You are going to feel what time does. What space does. And what paying attention to each other does.

You wake up to the sound of chickens roaming around, or perhaps the rooster.
You start the day together quietly. First with a delicious breakfast prepared with love for you. Then a dip in the pool, or maybe before that. Plenty of time for your morning ritual.
We start the day with a session, with 3 of us or 1-on-1. After the session there is plenty of time to integrate and have a delicious lunch (on location). Another program part will follow later in the day. Breathwork, tantra, yoga. Whatever is needed.

Ibiza Vibes

Your process, your pace.
Know that the first step is extremely valuable.


What suits you?

relationship counseling ibiza

half day intensive

a wonderful day on the beautiful island,
a great gift for both of you.


Part day (4 hours)
Customized program
Exclusive stay


Relationship Coaching
In-depth exercises
Body work
Homework exercise

Incl BTW

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4 days deepdive

4 wonderful days on the beautiful island,
a great gift for both of you.


3 nights, 4 days
Stay including breakfast
Customized program


2 sessions 1:2
2 sessions 1:1
Yoga / Breathwork 
Homework exercise
What’s App support

Price on Request

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Sessions & Retreats. Just what suits, intensive short or deeper long-term.

A match is super important, in what you desire with my offer, and where you are in your process with my working method. Below is my complete offer again.

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Start this wonderful exercise together at home.


– Roos Severins

‘Sabine radiates a beautiful peace and warmth. I immediately felt at ease in her lovingly created atmosphere, where so much attention and care is felt.’

The exercises she made us do were very effective. In no time, the patterns that prevent Love from fully flowing became clear. The space that Sabine created invited me to go deeper within and connect with invisible parts of myself. I felt safe to feel and express them. Meeting my loved one on a deeper level provided a lot of connection and understanding.
We did not come to Sabine because we have serious problems, but because we both want to grow together in our relationship. It was a beautiful experience for me to invite Sabine’s clarity, space and love into our relationship. There is more awareness of our patterns and our strengths and I have gained more confidence in our abilities to stay in love and work through things no matter what comes our way.
I highly recommend relationship coaching with Sabine for any couple who consciously chooses to grow together.
Thanks beautiful!!

-Sebastiaan Gamelkoorn

“Me and my partner first connected with very simple exercises and during the session we gained some amazing insights into some very deeply ingrained patterns.”

I have always known Sabine as a dear, beloved friend. This was my first experience here as a professional (relationship coaching). A visit to Ibiza is always very special for me, as I lived on the island with my 2 children and previous partner with whom I have been with for 16 years. Now with my new love I have decided to really cherish this new relationship from the start. Don’t look for a coach when it’s simply too late. Remarkably, Sabine and I and my new partner were invited by Sabine exactly when we needed some extra guidance. During our holiday we visited Sabine’s amazing & super beautiful finca (typical Ibiza house) for our first session. Not knowing what to expect, we felt very comfortable and invited into this space from the start. Afterwards, I experienced a sense of trust in our relationship and really encouraged to spend more and more time together with great professionals like Sabine. Thank you very much Sabine! Continue to shine your light on couples

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During the no-obligation introductory meeting, we immediately get to work. Not an inspirational talk, but in depth. I get to know you and you get to know me.