Couples Coaching based on Ibiza. Consciousness for that what matters most…

You go to the dentist every year to prevent your teeth from deteriorating, you take care of your car with a yearly look up, and take care about things that are important to you.

Are you taking care of your love, and your relationship as well in the same way?

Motorcycle maintenance for your relationship, time and attention for perhaps the most valuable thing in your life.

Deepening, more connected, the next step… 

You have a nice relationship, mostly in balance, you can be yourself with each other. This energy is a wonderful starting point to start working with.
Getting to know each other (more), a reunion, a fresh look. Fall in love again. 
Your relationship is perhaps the most valuable thing you have, and that’s why it makes sense to take good care of it. Just like you do for your body, material possessions etc.

As Couples Coach I would love to guide you in this journey…

Looking at your own story, from your family of origin, what do you include in your relationship here and now? What’s yours, what’s the other’s? Discover the patterns, and at the same time the desires. 

From objectivity I watch and listen, to and with you. From love and openness.

Part of the possible trajectory is always in addition to joint sessions that I see you individually as life coach, separately from each other. To work parallel to the connection with yourself in this way, I can see you both completely.

We will work with profound exercises do give you a real experience and include the body as well in your growth. 

Most of the time after the intake session I will create a proposal which suits you and your objectives. To give you an idea, we will see each other in between 5-8 times with a frequency of 2-3 weeks in between. If there is a vey specific objective, or I’ve worked with people before I see people for single sessions as well.

It can be difficult, a challenge, feeling insecure or doubting the fact whether contacting me yes or no.

Please know, by sending a message you are doing the work already...

So please feel free, send me a what´s app, informal and personal and we´ll talk from there. 

Every moment of the day that suits you.

Love Sabine


Experiences Couples Coaching

I truly and whole heartedly recommend relationship coaching with Sabine for every couple that consciously chooses to grow together.

Sabine radiates a beautiful peace and warmth. I felt immediately at ease in her lovingly created atmosphere, where so much attention and care is felt.

The exercises she made us do where very effective. In no time the patterns that prevent Love to flow fully where clear. The space Sabine created invited me to go deeper within and connect with unseen parts of me. I felt safe to feel and express them. Meeting my beloved on a deeper level created a lot of connection and understanding.

We came to Sabine not because we have serious issues, but because we both want to grow ourselves and together in our relationship. It was a beautiful experience for me to invite the clarity, space and love of Sabine in our relationship. There is more awareness of our patterns and our strengths and I gained more trust in our capabilities to stay in love and work things trough, whatever crosses our path.

Thank you beauty!

” From tears to a smile, from valuable silences to blissful insights,vulnerability, strength, warmth…

The sessions with Sabine have stirred things up a lot. The balance and connection have been rediscovered both individually, relationally and professionally.”

Bart Kokx

“Sabine’s background as a life coach helped us a lot. She looked at both the personal connection with who we are, before connecting to each other. Creating a fundamental and safe relationship where we both can be true to ourselves”

“I have always known Sabine as a dear friend. This was the first time I experienced this as a professional (relationship coaching). Visiting Ibiza is always very special to me, as I lived on the island with my 2 children and a previous partner who I spent 16 years with. Now with my new love I have decided to really cherish this new relationship from the start. Don’t look for a coach when it’s just too late.

Interestingly enough, Sabine invited me and my new partner just when we needed some extra guidance. During once vacation we visited Sabine’s amazing and super beautiful finca (typical Ibiza house) for a first time session. Not knowing what to expect, we felt very comfortable from the start and invited this space.

During the session we did exercises of some deeply rooted patterns. I experienced a trusting relationship and really profound to spend more and more time together with great professionals Sabine. Thank you very much Sabine! Keep shining your light on couples”