You go to the dentist, you take care of your car with an annual check, you invest in things that are important to you. How do you take care of what it is most important is in your life?


1:2 Couples Coach

Time and attention for each other, structural guidance for your love relationship. Taking your togetherness to the next level.

Looking at your own piece (from your family of origin), what do you bring to your relationship? What is yours, what is the other’s?
Discover your relationship patterns, but also your desires.
I see you together, but also separately in a more extensive process. To work in parallel on the connection with yourself in this way, so I can see you both completely.
We work with exercises that go to the core, to ensure that you feel and your body is also part of your growth and your journey.

As long as the relationship takes , there is balancing. 

The courses and retreats take place in Ibiza. If you live in the Netherlands and want to start a process, please send me an email

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Your love relationship as a source of growth…

My mission is to contribute to the creation of conscious love relationships, which are felt as a source of growth.

I work on and with this mission every day by guiding couples in their journey.
In addition to working with love, there is another important part of me, see it as the other half of my mission.
Bringing people back into connection with their body (and its self-healing capacity).
Healing House is emerging in Ibiza, a holistic place where exactly this part of my mission is taking shape. 

A conscious  relationship is one that holds full awareness, presence and authenticity.  Embodying the actual belief that the relationship is not a goal on itself, but actually being the biggest help in your personal growth as well. 
Feel strongly that old conditioning and patterns are there to be looked at. Your partner will ´ ´help´ you do this, most probably not in a comfortable way. But so worth taking the responsibility and ownership of what is happening with you in that case. Being 2 autonomous persons connected deeply. 
My story continues

I expect openness and strong desire from you. You can expect complete confidentiality from me. Carefully, not cautiously.

Work with me

be Conscious
3 months – short intensive 


3 (online) sessions together 1 : 2
1 sessions per person individually
Home Exercises

(incl tax)

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be Loveable
9 months – deepdive growth


6 sessions together
2 sessions per person individually
Home exercises
WhatsApp support
Consciousness,, insight and tools
Common growth, together growth
Deepening on all layers


price on request – 
4 couples per year

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Your process, your pace. Know that the first step is extremely valuable.


Sessions & Retreats. Just what suits, intensive short or deeper long-term.

A match is super important, in what you desire with my offer, and where you are in your process with my working method. Below is my complete offer again.

my complete offer in your email

Start this wonderful exercise together at home.


‘She creates a safe environment in which everything can and should be discussed.’

‘Together with my partner I completed a maintenance relationship program with Sabine. We did this precisely because we want to keep our relationship good. Sabine has a soft, loving approach where she is present and stays with the parts that are not easy. 

– Heleen & Ron 

‘For us, the oil in our relationship has been changed again!’

“My husband and I had given ourselves some maintenance in the form of a session with Sabine. Do we have relationship problems? No! A crisis? Everything but that, and we would very much like to keep it that way. It was so nice to ask each other questions under Sabine’s guidance that you might not easily ask, to really listen to each other, to see each other and to connect even more in love. For us, the oil in our relationship has been changed again! Dear Sabine, thank you for your pleasant, professional and loving guidance.”

– Romy & Rogier

‘The sessions with Sabine made a lot of difference.’

‘From tears, to a smile, from valuable silences to wonderful insights, vulnerability, strength, warmth…
 Zowel individueel, relationeel als zakelijk hebben zijn de balans en verbinding weer hervonden.´

– Bart Kokx-Leguijt

‘A solid foundation has been laid for our relationship in which we can both be ourselves.’

“Sabine’s background as a Life Coach has helped us enormously. She looked at both the individual and the connection we feel with ourselves, and then reconnected with each other.