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You grow in consciousness, feel more connection, perhaps even depth. Concrete exercises and support. I’m here for you. Receive all information in your email


relationship counseling ibiza

Coming from my mission to contribute to conscious love relationships I do my work. Dedicated, to the core with everything I have.

On Ibiza (my home) and in the Netherlands (my home country). You will grow together under my guidance. Exciting perhaps, but the most valuable thing you can do (especially if you have children).

What suits you? Want to completely check out for a few days and immerse yourself in an intensive retreat, combined with enjoying Ibiza? Longer or for half a day combined with your own weekend away or holiday.

You can also opt for a trajectory, 1:2 relationship coaching. Here as well, the choice for a shorter intensive program or for an exclusive longer program for couples who feel that even more depth is possible.

Or is a 1 day in NL more suitable, accessible and in a group setting.

Start this wonderful exercise together at home.

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Love fascinates me. Every day.
your journey is intimate, personal. That’s why our match is so important 
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