It was time for deepening, investing in myself as my friends say so beautifully
Over a year ago, an acquaintance asked me and my friend Andrew to have a reading as a couple as part of her education at the School of Intuition. I was currently pregnant with my 3rd.
The reading was beautiful and touching. It was for both of us our first introduction to the ‘concept’ reading.
So back to that investment in myself, after this experience I chose to learn at the place where I had received the reading. At the School of Intuition in Ibiza (in the Netherlands this is the CLI, the Ibiza branch is the little sister).
The school has given me ‘tools’ to feel even more, within myself, but also ‘through others’. What happens to my energy, and how do I use it. And with the energy of others?
The training teaches me to describe my feelings when I don’t know the words.
Below is a photo of a ‘still life’ that was waiting for me when I got home, made by my daughter Sterre (4.5 years). Picked from the garden, and placed exactly as she felt. Intuitive like children do…

This is me

I connect with people, and help people get in touch with themselves and their environment by connecting the head and the heart.

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